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For this house, the challenge was to achieve the “low energy” standard without touching any of its listed façades. This facade, in the front, is therefore insulated from the interior over three of the four storeys, and new window frames have been installed behind the existing frames, thus creating a double window. The rear façade is amply insulated from the exterior and includes triple-glazed windows.
The materials used are sustainable: FSC wood, cellulose, Resol, wood wool, etc. Energy consumption is thus reduced to 44kWh/m2.yr (Brussels average: 106). A veranda has also been added in the back to increase the living space.
The existing adjoining volume has also been raised by a level with the aid of a wooden structure. Solar panels have been incorporated into the perfectly insulated roof over a surface of 4.7m2. Double flow ventilation and a rainwater cistern complete the eco-construction facilities. Workplace materials have been recycled into compost.


Avenue Ducpétiaux 47, 1060 Saint-Gilles


S. Closson and Th. Claes


Marc Van der Stricht Arch. Sprl

Engineering design:

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47 Avenue Ducpétiaux
1060 Saint-Gilles
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