The House of European History is showing a series of documentaries which deep dive into the topics of the temporary exhibition “Throwaway - The history of a modern crisis”.

Join us for a guided tour of the Throwaway exhibition before each screening, from 18:15 - 19:00.

Each documentary will then be introduced and contextualized by one of the exhibition team and documentary expert Frank Moens (programme director at DOCVILLE documentary festival).

Stay at the end for a short Q&A on your impressions of the film.

The line-up so far includes:

  • 09/11/23: Matter out of place (2022) - Nikolaus Geyrhalter. Register here.

Rubbish of all sorts litters the coastlines, lofty mountains and desecrates the ocean's abyssal depths and the subterranean recesses of the Earth. "Matter Out of Place" emerges as a cinematic exposé, casting a discerning eye upon the ubiquity of garbage, its insidious infiltration into the planet's remotest enclaves.

  • 16/11/23: Plastic Fantastic (2023) - Isa Willinger. Register here.

'Plastic Fantastic,' a film that delves into the heart of the global plastic crisis, an opus that transcends mere commentary to explore the intricacies of circular production, the pervasive phenomenon of greenwashing, the menace of microplastics, the carbon emissions conundrum, and the egregious issue of climate racism. Yet, it's not just an exposé; it's a work of cinema crafted by a director with a rare gift for translating complex topics into an emotionally resonant human narrative.

  • 23/11/23: Les glaneurs et la glaneuse (2000) - Agnès Varda. Register here.

An 1867 painting by Jean-Francois Millet served as the spark of inspiration for the revered cinematic virtuoso Agnes Varda. This illustrious film auteur embarked on a journey across the picturesque French countryside, armed with a video camera, to document the lives of those who find their livelihood in the remnants of our material world.

All movies are screened in their original language and will be subtitled in English.

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